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The Health Minute,

turn your open inventory into

a cash-generating machine!

Every television station across the country faces the same problem, opening inventory and filling it.


The standard PSA hits the airtime and we move towards the records of the following days.

Would you like to convert that open inventory into a cash generating machine for your station?


HEALTH MINUTE with Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz, gives you the opportunity to use your open inventory to do just that.


Dr. Schwartz recently retired and is recognized as one of the leading research endocrinologists in the country, his passion for helping patients did not end when he retired, which is why he filmed 26 45-second ads that educate adults about how to talk to your primary care doctors and ask informed questions to live a better and more productive life.

Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz

Board-Certified Endocrinologist.

  • Specializing in Endocrinology.

  • 450  patients per day.

  • 1,200 research studies

  • 225 published along with three books.

The plan is simple to use the 45-second commercials paired with the local advertiser 15 seconds to fill those holes in your registry.



I look forward to the opportunity to help people live a better and longer life with Diabetes

through their PCP's care.


Call us today!    (210) 865-7862

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