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Cesar Agredano Malo

Founder, President & CEO

Agredano Productions

Mario Agredano Brambila

Former President & Founder

Agredano Productios

05/25/1928   03/12/2017

Mario Agredano Brambila, was born May 25, 1928, in Lorain Ohio USA; due to the great depression of 1929, the family Agredano Brambila moves to Laredo Texas in 1934; there Don Mario grows up and becomes a teenager, in 1943 the family moves to Monterrey NL México and that's when Don Mario starts working on the Radio at the age of 15 as an audio operator and shortly receives the opportunity to enter the microphone in the XEMR of Don Enrique Serna Martinez.

Shortly afterward he works at the XEFB Radio of Don Mario Quintanilla. In July of 1958 Television begins in Monterrey and is Don Mario Agredano Brambila the first person that appears in the television regiomontana.

His beginnings in México City were in the XEQ and soon entered XEW Radio and Television, where he worked for more than a decade in the company Televisa of Don Emilio Azcarraga Milmo.

Jacobo Zabludovsky invited him to make the first nationwide newscast in the mornings called "Diario Nescafé".

He participated in Radionovelas and Telenovelas as narrator, had programs like La Alegria del Mariachi with Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan and Sonrisas Colgate with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Los Polivoces.

He made more than 10 films among them with Sánto, Huracan Ramirez, and others.

It was the official voice of the President of México Don Gustavo Díaz Ordaz and work With the Presidents, Luis Echeverria Álvarez, José López Portillo, Miguel of the Madrid Hurtado and Carlos Salinas de Gortari

In 1988 he founded with his son Cesar Agredano the company Agredano Productions in Monterrey N.L. México, giving service to companies and government in the organization of official events, master of ceremonies, and production of commercials of radio and TV.

Cesar Agredano Malo was born in México City on January 15, 1969.

At the age of one, his family moved to Monterrey, where he grew up and did his marketing studies at Valle Continental University.

Produces the program Canto Amor y Guitarras in Televisa Monterrey, a program that was conducted by his father from 1988 to 2003.

In 2004 Produces Romanticos on TV NL, following the same style of Canto Amor y Guitarras in Televisa.

Together with his father, he produces many radio-television productions and presentations for his government clients and companies.

In 2007 he produced and conducted the Pueblos de México Program, a tourism program to promote the different peoples of México and broadcast it on Telemundo Laredo.

With the aim of improving his career, he studies Photography at La Salle International College and at the Photography Institute of New York.

In 1995 Don Mario Agredano Brambila returns to Laredo Texas where he retires from his successful race for health problems in 2003 leaving his son Cesar Agredano in charge of the business. It was a difficult time for the company as all the customers were looking for Don Mario and when he retires, the customers also retire.

It is in those moments where Cesar Agredano focuses on video production to serve websites, social networks, TV commercials, tourism, conferences, and companies.

The experience of Cesar Agredano in the production of television was the one that led to success and is currently a specialist in the production of professional videos.

Currently, the company is located in San Antonio Tx; And is directed by Cesar Agredano, The Company has a growing client base thanks to its high-quality work.

Mario Agredano Brambila
Passed away in Laredo Tx. March 12, 2017.
This is a small tribute made to him.

Televisa Monterrey

Don Mario Agredano Brambila

The pioneers of television.
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Don Mario Agredano Brambila

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Don Mario Agredano Brambila

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Don Mario Agredano Brambila

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Don Mario Agredano Brambila

One of the pioneers of television.

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