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What is a BIOGRAPHY?

It is a Testimonial narrated chronologically the story of your life.
You narrate the most important events of your life as: Where were you born, who were your parents, how did they meet, what did they do, how was your childhood, your first studies, childhood friends, what was your first job, what profession do you have? , how was your courtship and marriage, when and how you bought your first home, birth of your children and grandchildren, accompanied by experiences and anecdotes to leave your family a legacy of example and teaching of your life, to preserve it in time.

4K Biography (3840 x 2160)

2 Cameras. $3,500

      1 Camera.  $2,500      


HD Biography (1920x1080)

2 Cameras. $ 2,500

1 Camera. $ 1,500


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